Wednesday, 2 November 2011


today's post is just an ordinary topic n i think tht evry human beings will face this kind of prob; When Our Trusted Friend Betrayed Us..

for sure, its totally sad when the friend we help, we share opinions, laugh together n experience together suddenly betrayed and lied to us. if i am, i will feel like d most fool person ever in d world because i trusted a friend so much till never thought tht things will b going this way..

when i was in primary school (myb at age 11, still a kid), i'd punched on my friend face bcoz this kind of prob..Thank God, now we'r back to normal but i have no more contact to tht friend til today..(tht rlly leave a mark)..
laz yr too...till more contact..
dis yr, fuh...once again.. hasta la vista~

well, when we have problems, we shud never leave them behind...(ponder d words above). there'r lots of +VE ways than -VE ways to handle..but its hard 4 us to detect which one is good way..well, to detect :
1) ways evidence based on dalil aqli and naqli (for d muslims) and allowed by our religion
2) read more bout strategies in handling probs
3) ask opinions from the wise (mostly teachers, counsellors, friends(make sure not d wrong friends))

my step in taking action is to silent myself from tht friend..i remain silent till d friend change (hurm this will tke time)..
BUT before i remain silent, i'll ask tht friend ''why'' would it be..
well, people wont make probs IF they dont have probs..
so, if they do probs, mean they have probs..

IF that friend gives u good respond, u should help him/her..
but if he/she still with ego n act innocent , i suggest u 2 leave him/her 4 a while...(if u still get along wth tht friend, u can become a madman or too stress or like wnna put up a big fight wth him/her)..
we r normal humans n we have our patience limit..

as i said just now;
people wont make probs IF they dont have probs..

so, if they do probs, mean they have probs..
 (a lil sharing knowledge :) )

okeyh..understand the picture n d statement ? :)
when we hurt, for sure we'r having heartbroken..this will interrupt our feelings and lives..its kinda sad if we misuse d solution by putting harm on others. for example situation :
A kid is having obstacles. And he has been too stress but still appear like nothing is happening to him. He also afraid to share his problems. Then day by day he changes into a bad kid. He does violence and two-faced. His aim is just to sastify himself and feels like the world is his property.
well actually this kind of solution is negative solution :-/ it wont help at all but will make everything becoming more worse. why?
1) problems with own self
2) problems with people

Not all probs we can settle them with our own ways..we need others to help too..tht's why Allah gives friends to, take advantages of Allah's gifts..

Readers,my friends and those who have problems.. :)
well, im trying to say tht its not a life if there's no prob at all..
evryone will face any prob no mtter big or small..n everyone will hve their own solutions..
see d quotes? :D
friends always accompany u in handling probs, so dont betray them..they have heart too..u have probs, u share with them, they will always help u no matter how sick they are to listen to ur problems(coz they understnd u and they feel like ur prob is theirs too,so they rlly will help u)..they wont give up on u but dont ever try to break their hearts..u'll throw yourself in a lonely world n most dangerous, u may lose ur friends..n remember, not to be selfish..when they have probs, u help them at least by wishing good luck, not just ignoring them..FRIENDS ARE PART OF OUR LIVES...and they are PRECIOUS PEARLS..handle with care..~

well, a ''not-that-long'' post myb finish till here 4 dis moment...i'll add up if there'r more 2 add..take good. care of your friendship...u can do it

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