Friday, 9 December 2011


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ASSALAMUALAIKUM and HELLO Readers~ so long no updating my blog..just got home from precious holiday maybe~
well, it wsnt Summer actually but rainy at certain areas~

The journey started at 1pm , stop-by at a mosque for Jumaat Prayers then continue the journey till Shah Alam..
1 night there..went i-City for the first time n for sure entering the Snow Walk..i think the Snow Walk wasnt as cold as in Genting Highlands but i like the adventurous slides..*better try*

Family cant stand of d coldness..They're leaving earlier than my brother and me..My brother almost giving up because of the coldness but i psycho him..(boys cant be challenged right? ;) ) that time, we're waiting for our turn to try a slide..must-queue-for-about-15-minutes-*i think*..
Finally, i ws in d cart to go way thru d slide! fuuhh! okeyh la..but at d end of d slide kinda going up a afraid if i mght falling down..Thank God, im safe~
next was my bro's turn..haha..very funny to see his action once d cart ws arrived at destination. he's like dun wanna get out of d cart...huhu..
so, then, we're leaving..nothing much inside there..

jackets off..about to stroll outside the Snow Walk building..unfortunately, its raining...wait inside for about 5-10minutes..then, dad and bro dashed to the car to take two, we strolled under umbrellas..

strolling at the park with electric-operated trees all over the some look by G.I..

wow...its not that easy to snap these kind of photos...these images are from photo? yah..still lazy to upload..

couples of minutes passed by, then (what we called?) er i called it bicycle cart (?)..
er what just like LRT (fyi) but this thing we can cycle it and spin around on 'air'~ plus2, gt mp3 u know ;) i ws on d cart wth my crazy things and keep changing songs..once d cart took us thru d trees ,i accidently changed d song to Britney Spears song (romantic music..dunno whts the title but i know her voice)..fuhh! seriusly im telling you guys, ur feel like flying ;)

ok, done..after that, went to KFC and back to hotel...SLEEP..

next day, to Kent Kitchen...wahh! about half a day there, bored~ so, me n sis n bro walked to Giza..they said its a famous shopping centre but seriusly i think its not for kids and teenagers cause all d stuffs inside there are everything tht adults adore! ~.~
inside Giza, i only step inside bookstore (one of the must-go if entering any mall) a postcard..A 3D POSTCARD! huhu..then, strolling outside Giza..Few stalls sold something interesting..
yah...souvenir..hehe..keychains! so, paid ~.~

6.30pm..wahh! still not praying..seriusly tension..parents still not yet done with kitchen stuffs..i almost gone crazy and almost blamed my sis..*sorry sis..kinda moody that moment* actually i wnna pray there at Giza but my sis said to follow dad to surau/mosque cause he also wnna, nvm lah~yah..alhamdulillah..done praying at Petronas...fuhh....relieved~
journey continued to Semenyih , Negeri Sembilan.. football,my favourite team Chelsea was on d field..yah, my favourite player, Petr Cech looks double handsome~Chelsea won!
back to hotel..SLEEP...

wake usual..Subuh prayer..then checkin out..drove to Excel Training Resort..

staying there for 3days 2nights..*got Motivational Camp here..very interesting! im goin to share with u guys in the next post, InsyaAllah*

3 days past..hasta la vista ~ gonna miss the moments so much..

drove to Johor..1 night at Uncle's..TIRED..SLEEP~
tomorrow morning..''hey kakak, whts wrong wth ur leg?!''-mom
WAAAHHH!! got biten..
''i saw it since yesterday but didnt say nything''-uncle, it wst happened last night for sure..
must be at the camp..haha..*myb satan got jealous of my :P*
then, drove to grandma's..
back to uncle's..lunch then drove to Melaka..
1 night..

next day, strolling at a errr forgt the mall's name..its besides Taming Sari and infront Kota A'Famosa..
first, shopping at d mall..not buying nything much..then, went to Kota A'Famosa for first time at this moment where i can think and remember..huhu...before this for once but seriusly still kid and dunno anything..

FORTRESS..i dunno why but im proud with the history
stairs from fortress to St.Paul Church by G.I.
i thought it was a fortress but actually its St.Paul Church
On the way to the church..we entered..the graves were big..two name that i remember, a grave named ..Scott (my friends) and another is ANN ! haha..kinda a step behind :) my lil sis seriusly afraid to enter this cemetery..once she entered, she ran away..
once reached the church, strolled inside..lots of inscriptions but lazy to read..i only knew it was a church when i ws about to snap the history inscriptions..huhu..oh..inside the church, theres an underground tunnel but locked..pergh..really wish to know whts inside~ haha..
ok then went down..back into the mall..hasta la vista my aunt..
so, drove home~
alhamdulillah..finally here, at home sweet home~
home..facebooking for 10 minutes then sleep..~
AdioS! ~.~

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