Friday, 2 December 2011


Waha...feels like a boss..*kidding kiddo* ;)

ASSALAMUALAIKUM and HELLO Readers ;) *ok, we'll back to English <3*
okeyh, i'll be away from this blogging world for about a week (maybe)~ i'll be going to travel the world like a pilot in a flight and a captain on a ship..~ *okeyh, over ;)*
i'll be attending Motivational Camp ; Kem Inspirasi, Charisma & Kepimpinan organized by Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah..
The Organizer~

*click the picture to read*

SO, a message to my new followers : do leave your footsteps at my chatbox coz im afraid im overlooked to follow you guys back..wahaa ;D
anyway, have a good holiday.. ;)
for exams candidates, good luck for our results ! ;)


p.s : once i finally can turn on my pc, i'll share evrything (most of everything) tht i learnt from d camp FOR FREE~weee~*InsyaaAllah~... :)

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