Monday, 19 December 2011

Love Awaits

Last time to see the blue sky
With sun shining brightly,
Breaking all of darkness
To bring the luck of life..

The heart wide open for the unwelcomed love,
Kicking all the life-dead pains
Welcome those memories to say hello,
The eys obviously full of trusts..
Full of blessing..

When all the summer dust out of the air,
The happiness slowly missing as the wind take it away
With the peaceful and sadness of loving touch
Though things keep running in the east of mind..

Comes the thunder
Smashed down all the buildings,
What's left?
Only tears of poisons cry out from the bottom of heart..
Way too bottom...

But now the rainbow comes across the sky,
The rain missing in action,
The lights are back to shine the day..
It's the patients of heart,
Taught the mind to be calm
As it will never forever alone
And gifts await..

Till now,
The sounds of love simply missing
But only the memories left inside..

-Authored by Silent Pearl-SP N'Lullo

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